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Another long week at the office!

Another long week at the office! published on 4 Comments on Another long week at the office!

Hey there, everyone! Just making sure I reach out to you all and let you know I’ll be late posting again. Things have been really tough at the office, and with all the other work I do on the side I’ve been pretty strapped for Awkward Love time :(


Here’s a little rundown of everything on my plate just to give you all a good idea and explain why I’m not always hitting my mark:

First I have a full time job making small games for which I have a rather long commute. Once that part of the day is over I have three hefty freelance clients and a major game title I’ve been working on for the last 2 years (I’ll be posting details here when we start our Kickstarter campaign! 😀 ) And FINALLY, I also teach at a local university here in Jersey. Teaching and Awkward Love are the two things that really brighten my life, but unfortunately only one of them helps put food on the table. Until Awkward Love starts earning a little money I will be forced to put my deadlines on the back burner when deadlines and student issues get heavy. I never intended to use this comic as a revenue source but as many artists know, to make a real living with art one must work very very hard and the fun stuff often ends up on the shelf.

I am DETERMINED to make this strip the long lasting reliable source of laughs and smiles I have been trying to make it, but until I can find that right balance between work and passion, I will unfortunately miss the occasional Friday :(

You folks, my readers, are very important to me. Every time I get a comment on a strip, or a suggestion or joke on Reddit, it really makes my day. Eventually I would love to hear from my readers a LOT more. I want to get to know all of you, I’d love to know if my comics brighten your days like they do mine! Talking with the people who read these strips really fills me up with fuel for the next comic!


So thank you all for the patience and the good vibes. I hope to hear from some of you, get your thoughts on the direction of Awkward Love and hear suggestions for making space for comic art time in my life. You’re all the life-blood of this endeavor!tired



-George V Berger




Stupid passion. We’d have so much more free time on our hands if it would just shush! Totally understandable of course, food unfortunately does not buy itself. Although it does make itself…I wonder if science could split the difference and invent food that makes and buys itself. Or even just one of the other at out choice. (Why yes I am a touch mad. Why do you ask?)

Hi there! Just thought I’d say that I really enjoy your comics no matter how often you put them out. Also I didn’t realize that you are involved in games! I’m a student trying to work towards a career in or around making games, so it’s cool to see that that is what you do.
Hope you find some way to keep on going with all this! Maybe just cutting back on finish quality (something more like sketches) sometimes to give yourself some free time?

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