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I am an artist living in a little apartment with one very beautiful, nerdy wife and three cats who are, I think, completely insane. Add a dog who can’t control her excitement to that mix and I’m living one very crowded hectic life!

Fun Fact: RPG Games

Fun Fact: RPG Games published on No Comments on Fun Fact: RPG Games

Fun fact: When playing an RPG video game, name at least one of your characters “Tom Waits” or “Lady Gaga” (or someone else funny and famous) and every time you level, you’ll get a message like “Tom Waits just reached level 15!” and the game becomes instantly funny.

Nap Time

Nap Time published on No Comments on Nap Time

She’s lovely, she’s sweet, but when she wakes up she has the strength of 20 men and the mouth of a sailor.

Alyssa Speaks

Alyssa Speaks published on 1 Comment on Alyssa Speaks

Find Alyssa’s thoughts on life, love and theology at:

George Speaks

George Speaks published on 3 Comments on George Speaks

Another Day at the Desk

Another Day at the Desk published on No Comments on Another Day at the Desk

This is Max, our puffiest little cat and the one who has claimed me as his human. A few minutes of silence with me at my desk is often enough to drive him to this. If only I believed in de-clawing cats… if only….

My First Entry!

My First Entry! published on No Comments on My First Entry!

Well here it is, the very first entry in my web comic/blog/whatever this should be called. I’m glad I finally carved out a little time to sit down and draw this thing, being a freelancer can really absorb your hours!

A little about myself: I’m a freelance artist mostly working in online and mobile games. I animate, illustrate and populate games with art, and it’s the most fun I’ve ever had as a professional! I’m engaged to, quite possibly, the most beautiful girl on the East Coast. She’s a crazy cat lady so I’m taking care of three cats in our little one bedroom apartment… I know, I know.

Well I’m sure I’ll have more to say on other subjects later, so keep an eye on this page if the idle rants of an art geek interest you!

First Sign of the End

First Sign of the End published on No Comments on First Sign of the End

This is our very first comic. I hope you like it, I’m still playing with the formula so if anyone has any comments or suggestions, we’re all ears!

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