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Awkward Love’s July Update!

Awkward Love’s July Update! published on 1 Comment on Awkward Love’s July Update!
Just wanted to update all my lovely readers on how things are going and why there’s been a few weeks free of posts.
Firstly, the Patreon, while amazing and appreciated, isn’t quite earning enough yet to match the pace of the rewards I have to make. I’m still pulling in a ton of freelance to keep the lights on. So if you can and want to, head on over there and give me a nudge 😉 (
Secondly, the fine folks at Rutgers seem to think I’m some kinda smart so I’m taking on more sections of my game design course and a few other things I shouldn’t really talk about but hey, I get to be a part of academia now, so that’s cool. What that means for me is tons and tons of research and writing so that’s been absorbing a lot of Awkward Love’s time as well. It’s great challenging work, and it’s helping to pay the bills so I have to give it my all.
Finally, I’m still commuting from Jersey to Long Island every weekday, and until I manage to find a new home on the island I will be dumping hours and hours every week into driving. I’m very close to knowing if we’ve got a place or not, but until then its all driving all the time. The move will also be very expensive, so we’ve been working hard to save up for that.
I appreciate all my readers and Alyssa and I couldn’t be happier to have so many people looking through this little window into our lives. I’ve got some good strips written… I just need to find the time to make them now. Wish me luck, everyone!
-George V Berger
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