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Stupid Beard

Stupid Beard published on 8 Comments on Stupid Beard

Morning News

Morning News published on 3 Comments on Morning News

Hey everyone! Sorry for the long wait but I’ve finally managed to slice off a few hours for myself. I’ve got two more in the works and I’ll be trying to keep up with my old release schedule soon. You’re the best! Thanks for sticking around!

Awkward Love’s July Update!

Awkward Love’s July Update! published on 1 Comment on Awkward Love’s July Update!
Just wanted to update all my lovely readers on how things are going and why there’s been a few weeks free of posts.
Firstly, the Patreon, while amazing and appreciated, isn’t quite earning enough yet to match the pace of the rewards I have to make. I’m still pulling in a ton of freelance to keep the lights on. So if you can and want to, head on over there and give me a nudge 😉 (
Secondly, the fine folks at Rutgers seem to think I’m some kinda smart so I’m taking on more sections of my game design course and a few other things I shouldn’t really talk about but hey, I get to be a part of academia now, so that’s cool. What that means for me is tons and tons of research and writing so that’s been absorbing a lot of Awkward Love’s time as well. It’s great challenging work, and it’s helping to pay the bills so I have to give it my all.
Finally, I’m still commuting from Jersey to Long Island every weekday, and until I manage to find a new home on the island I will be dumping hours and hours every week into driving. I’m very close to knowing if we’ve got a place or not, but until then its all driving all the time. The move will also be very expensive, so we’ve been working hard to save up for that.
I appreciate all my readers and Alyssa and I couldn’t be happier to have so many people looking through this little window into our lives. I’ve got some good strips written… I just need to find the time to make them now. Wish me luck, everyone!
-George V Berger

Burial at Sea

Burial at Sea published on 5 Comments on Burial at Sea

If you need context. . .


I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry.


Tasty! published on 2 Comments on Tasty!


Pulse published on 4 Comments on Pulse

Up til now, this comic has been somewhat ambiguous about the political leanings and ideologies of its creator.  I, George, have done my best not to taint the casual tone and slice of life comedy of these entries with rhetoric or attempts to persuade my readers to a point of view. One or two Trump jokes have found their way in, but ultimately it’s been good wholesome fun. Today I’d like to take a step away from that pattern to address an event that is weighing on my mind, and those of many others.

Cute Jerk

Cute Jerk published on 4 Comments on Cute Jerk


All-Nighter published on 4 Comments on All-Nighter

Human Technology

Human Technology published on 3 Comments on Human Technology

Teaser of the Final Patreon Goal Spinoff Comic!

Teaser of the Final Patreon Goal Spinoff Comic! published on No Comments on Teaser of the Final Patreon Goal Spinoff Comic!

Hey everyone, I thought it might be good to give you all a teaser of the spinoff I’m planning to make once I reach my final goal on Patreon. I’m not going to tell you toooo much about the story but I’m sure you all can guess a few details. It will be a continuous story line and will run side-by-side with Awkward Love. Be sure to visit the Awkward Love Patreon page here ( ) to become a patron and help us reach this goal! There’s also lots of great stuff our patrons get that nobody else does like Pinup drawings, desktops and a little blog with pictures of the real animals!

P.S. Don’t worry, Taffy will be a character. She’s just not done being re-designed yet
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