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Four-Eyes published on 3 Comments on Four-Eyes

Getting old. It hurts.

Wagon Philosophical

Wagon Philosophical published on 1 Comment on Wagon Philosophical

With adoration and respect to the great Bill Watterson


BLT published on 2 Comments on BLT

Gravity Waves

Gravity Waves published on No Comments on Gravity Waves


Snow published on No Comments on Snow

Sometimes there’s just more snow out there than you expected. . .

Guest Artist

Guest Artist published on No Comments on Guest Artist

A special thanks to my good friend (remaining unnamed here) for her contribution to this comic and her great sense of humor 😀

Opening Night

Opening Night published on No Comments on Opening Night

I held off on this one since I didn’t want to add to the FLOOD of Star Wars insanity surrounding the first few weeks after it came out. Yes, this IS based on real life events… most of it. If you haven’t seen the movie yet there aren’t any spoilers here, promise 🙂


Selfies! published on 2 Comments on Selfies!

My Awesome Korean Hotdog

My Awesome Korean Hotdog published on 5 Comments on My Awesome Korean Hotdog

Cat Drama

Cat Drama published on No Comments on Cat Drama

Welcome a new character to the fold, Cristina! She’s Alyssa’s bestie and a good friend of the boys. I figured it was about time we added another girl to the lineup, poor Alyssa has been a bit outnumbered!

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