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Conward HO!

Conward HO! published on No Comments on Conward HO!

Alyssa and I have been readying ourselves for a comic convention this weekend so anyone who’s been to one might understand that this week’s strip will be postponed 🙂 Hopefully I can drum up a few new readers and add to this lovely little family of ours! Wish us luck!


If you’ll be at AC BC, look for us! We’ll be at the Game a Con booth and Alyssa will be cosplaying as Mad Moxxi. If you’re in the Atlantic City area and are looking for something to do, here’s the link to the con site








Teaser of the Final Patreon Goal Spinoff Comic!

Teaser of the Final Patreon Goal Spinoff Comic! published on No Comments on Teaser of the Final Patreon Goal Spinoff Comic!

Hey everyone, I thought it might be good to give you all a teaser of the spinoff I’m planning to make once I reach my final goal on Patreon. I’m not going to tell you toooo much about the story but I’m sure you all can guess a few details. It will be a continuous story line and will run side-by-side with Awkward Love. Be sure to visit the Awkward Love Patreon page here ( ) to become a patron and help us reach this goal! There’s also lots of great stuff our patrons get that nobody else does like Pinup drawings, desktops and a little blog with pictures of the real animals!

P.S. Don’t worry, Taffy will be a character. She’s just not done being re-designed yet
lata teaserpatreon-ad

So much work!

So much work! published on 2 Comments on So much work!

bag of work

But hey, an artist’s gotta eat! I’ll be talking more about it here soon, but I have a big project I’ve been working hard on for the past two years and we’re reaching for a big deadline this week and within the next month so things are gonna get a little hairy. I’ve got some fun strips written that I absolutely WILL get to, but the publishing schedule will be a bit off from week to week. Thanks so much for sticking with this strip, everyone! Lots of love to all of you!


Comment below, I really want to keep hearing from all my awesome readers!






Four-Eyes published on 3 Comments on Four-Eyes

Getting old. It hurts.

Wagon Philosophical

Wagon Philosophical published on 1 Comment on Wagon Philosophical

With adoration and respect to the great Bill Watterson

Awkward Love Gets SEXY!

Awkward Love Gets SEXY! published on 2 Comments on Awkward Love Gets SEXY!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve decided to embrace the inevitable and start making fan service. I know many of you have been looking at a certain character and thinking to yourself “gee whiz, this is the sexiest character I’ve ever seen! I wish the artist would get cheekier with the art!” Well your hopes and dreams are about to be realized! Behold…. THE SEXIEST PINUP DRAWING OF ALL TIME!!pinup-2-april-fools-small

What’s going on over at the Patreon page?

What’s going on over at the Patreon page? published on No Comments on What’s going on over at the Patreon page?

Hey there, ladies and gents! I just wanted to give you all a little tease of the stuff I’m working on for the patreon page. This is the undersketch for the monthly pinup drawing of Alyssa, the full color version turned out great! These pinups aren’t too racy, just good old fashioned classic style pinups. Each month she’ll have a new pose, a new costume and other furry members of our little family will be featured. Who knows, you might even see me in there sometimes! 😉

Don’t worry, there will definitely be a comic this week. I’m not gonna leave you all hanging two weeks in a row!

pinup 1 sketch

-George V Berger

A little bit about George and some updates!

A little bit about George and some updates! published on 1 Comment on A little bit about George and some updates!

Hey there, everybody! Just making a little update here to keep you all in the know about Awkward Love. I’ve been focusing on a few things that are pretty big over here, one of which is a AAA Hard Science Space Dogfighter video game that will hopefully be seeing some light in a month or two. You can read a few small details here! I’ve been the lead UI designer on the game for about 2 years and since we’re about to start hitting the gas on the project I’ve been pretty busy. Toss a heavy load of other freelance projects, a teaching position at Rutgers University and a full time job on the pile and my brain is never too far away from a meltdown! It’s all work I adore, but it can sometimes get in the way of these comics.

Because of this, I’ve made two decisions.

1. I will be redesigning the site once again to make it a little more exciting. Nothing terribly huge like the last redesign, but still something good…. beacuse…

2. I have made a Patreon account! If I can remove that “heavy load of freelance projects” from my days I will be able to go CRAZY with Awkward Love. I never wanted to ask my readers for money outright, but as life keeps getting in the way I am beginning to realize why this is so common among web comics. I’ve got big things in the works including more additions to the “Beginnings” comics showing how I met Alyssa, more “Singles” one panel gags and a huge Awkward Love spin off comic!! The link to my Patreon is right here. Or you can click on my little ad right here!:
patreon-adAnyone who can help support this comic will be my hero. It’s been a long time dream of mine to do something like this and I’ve already come so much further than I ever thought I would. I’m so proud of this project and even more than that, I’m overjoyed that these little gags make you all smile a little every week (or so).

I’ll be focusing on making the Patreon page look better and sprucing up the site this weekend so no comic tonight. Thanks endlessly for the support, and as always, I love my readers!

-George V Berger





Reddit Love!

Reddit Love! published on 2 Comments on Reddit Love!

Hey everyone! Don’t forget that I have a reddit page here Awkward Love Reddit Page and I always post my comics here /r/webcomics and here /r/comics/


Hop on over there and show me some love! Every upvote really helps!


reddit me

Another long week at the office!

Another long week at the office! published on 4 Comments on Another long week at the office!

Hey there, everyone! Just making sure I reach out to you all and let you know I’ll be late posting again. Things have been really tough at the office, and with all the other work I do on the side I’ve been pretty strapped for Awkward Love time 🙁


Here’s a little rundown of everything on my plate just to give you all a good idea and explain why I’m not always hitting my mark:

First I have a full time job making small games for which I have a rather long commute. Once that part of the day is over I have three hefty freelance clients and a major game title I’ve been working on for the last 2 years (I’ll be posting details here when we start our Kickstarter campaign! 😀 ) And FINALLY, I also teach at a local university here in Jersey. Teaching and Awkward Love are the two things that really brighten my life, but unfortunately only one of them helps put food on the table. Until Awkward Love starts earning a little money I will be forced to put my deadlines on the back burner when deadlines and student issues get heavy. I never intended to use this comic as a revenue source but as many artists know, to make a real living with art one must work very very hard and the fun stuff often ends up on the shelf.

I am DETERMINED to make this strip the long lasting reliable source of laughs and smiles I have been trying to make it, but until I can find that right balance between work and passion, I will unfortunately miss the occasional Friday 🙁

You folks, my readers, are very important to me. Every time I get a comment on a strip, or a suggestion or joke on Reddit, it really makes my day. Eventually I would love to hear from my readers a LOT more. I want to get to know all of you, I’d love to know if my comics brighten your days like they do mine! Talking with the people who read these strips really fills me up with fuel for the next comic!


So thank you all for the patience and the good vibes. I hope to hear from some of you, get your thoughts on the direction of Awkward Love and hear suggestions for making space for comic art time in my life. You’re all the life-blood of this endeavor!tired



-George V Berger



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