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Comic Con, here we come!

Comic Con, here we come! published on 2 Comments on Comic Con, here we come!

Well I’ve been a little distracted this last week as I’ve been focusing on getting some things ready for New York Comic Con. One of the things I’ve been doing is designing a little post card to hand out and this is the comic I made for the front of it! Feel free to let me know if you think this works or not, and if you’re reading this after getting one of these at Comic Con, thanks a ton for stopping by!!

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Hello just found your comic via reddit. 🙂 Looks good keep it up. I’ve noticed that your line quality has improved significantly since the first comic, what is it that you’re doing differently? Also advice in regards to your archive. If this comic gets to be very big, than it would probably be better to have a larger list of page titles and a smaller page thumbnails, so you had more links on one page. This means a user doesn’t have to keep clicking *next” to find the correct page that has the page he is looking for on..if you understand what I mean.

Best of luck.

Hey there and thanks for reading! I guess the biggest change was moving to “Manga Studio Pro” for my linework. It does a much better job of handling smooth lines and works in vector and raster really fluidly. Also just drawing this much over and over and over again does wonders for the skills;) As far as the archive goes that was all put together for me by a friend, I’m a complete idiot when it comes to HTML and all that, most of what I can do on the computer is draw, lol. I’ll bring it up with him soon, but I don’t want to monopolize his time if I can avoid it.

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