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Pulse published on 4 Comments on Pulse

Up til now, this comic has been somewhat ambiguous about the political leanings and ideologies of its creator.  I, George, have done my best not to taint the casual tone and slice of life comedy of these entries with rhetoric or attempts to persuade my readers to a point of view. One or two Trump jokes have found their way in, but ultimately it’s been good wholesome fun. Today I’d like to take a step away from that pattern to address an event that is weighing on my mind, and those of many others.

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i folow your blog because i like your drawings and the way you tell stories.

What happened in orlando is the same that happenned in France last year and it will happen again since we have eradicated the problem: muslims.
Future will prove me right.

While I think we need to work toward a solution to the violence we have been enduring word-wide, I can’t say I can condone the idea of “eradicating” an entire religious group as a solution. We will have to agree to disagree here, I’m a man of peace as far as diplomacy can be reasonably applied to any situation. I understand the need for a strong position worldwide, and I understand that some groups and ideologies are harmful, but I don’t think that violence is the correct response to violence. As far as eradicating Muslims goes, there are ways to gradually educate a society away from harmful and archaic ways of thinking, but our basic human freedoms dictate that we have the right to think as we like. The trick will be to show religious communities, ALL of them, the error of their ways while respecting that right to free thought. There are no easy solutions that are in any way considerable.

Thanks you so much, by the way, for reading these strips! I’m glad we can find common ground in storytelling and humor even if we do clearly occupy very different ideological planes 🙂

Great comic, and I hope that someday expressing love and support for a community of people that has been hated and targeted with violence will not be considered indicative of a political leaning or ideology, but will simply be called what it is: “being a good human being.”

Thanks 🙂 I know, it’s unfortunate that simply saying “I support this community” still can essentially mean taking sides in an overarching political narrative. There’s no reason we should hate one another for things as basic as “who we love.”

I really appreciate my readers and it’s great to see some comments here. I know this has been a sobering week, but hopefully together we can make it through unscathed. Here’s hoping I can keep this comic going for a long time so there will always be a little Awkward Love to throw around in times like this.

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