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Comic Con, here we come!

Comic Con, here we come! published on 2 Comments on Comic Con, here we come!

Well I’ve been a little distracted this last week as I’ve been focusing on getting some things ready for New York Comic Con. One of the things I’ve been doing is designing a little post card to hand out and this is the comic I made for the front of it! Feel free to let me know if you think this works or not, and if you’re reading this after getting one of these at Comic Con, thanks a ton for stopping by!!

No comic this week, LET’S CAT DANCE!!

No comic this week, LET’S CAT DANCE!! published on 1 Comment on No comic this week, LET’S CAT DANCE!!

Hey everyone! I’ve been working hard on some new stuff for this site lately, and I’ve started using some new software to make my next few comics. Things are looking great here but I am not going to be able to get this week’s comic done :(

Until then, I’m hoping to hear from all of you! I love hearing from my readers and I take your suggestions as often as I can. Let me hear what you think of the new site, how do you like the most recent comics? What would you like to see on some T-shirts when I start making them? There’s so much to talk about!


Until then



Tickle Attack

Tickle Attack published on 5 Comments on Tickle Attack

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