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A little bit about George and some updates!

A little bit about George and some updates! published on 1 Comment on A little bit about George and some updates!

Hey there, everybody! Just making a little update here to keep you all in the know about Awkward Love. I’ve been focusing on a few things that are pretty big over here, one of which is a AAA Hard Science Space Dogfighter video game that will hopefully be seeing some light in a month or two. You can read a few small details here! I’ve been the lead UI designer on the game for about 2 years and since we’re about to start hitting the gas on the project I’ve been pretty busy. Toss a heavy load of other freelance projects, a teaching position at Rutgers University and a full time job on the pile and my brain is never too far away from a meltdown! It’s all work I adore, but it can sometimes get in the way of these comics.

Because of this, I’ve made two decisions.

1. I will be redesigning the site once again to make it a little more exciting. Nothing terribly huge like the last redesign, but still something good…. beacuse…

2. I have made a Patreon account! If I can remove that “heavy load of freelance projects” from my days I will be able to go CRAZY with Awkward Love. I never wanted to ask my readers for money outright, but as life keeps getting in the way I am beginning to realize why this is so common among web comics. I’ve got big things in the works including more additions to the “Beginnings” comics showing how I met Alyssa, more “Singles” one panel gags and a huge Awkward Love spin off comic!! The link to my Patreon is right here. Or you can click on my little ad right here!:
patreon-adAnyone who can help support this comic will be my hero. It’s been a long time dream of mine to do something like this and I’ve already come so much further than I ever thought I would. I’m so proud of this project and even more than that, I’m overjoyed that these little gags make you all smile a little every week (or so).

I’ll be focusing on making the Patreon page look better and sprucing up the site this weekend so no comic tonight. Thanks endlessly for the support, and as always, I love my readers!

-George V Berger





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