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Stupid Beard

Stupid Beard published on 8 Comments on Stupid Beard

Morning News

Morning News published on 3 Comments on Morning News

Hey everyone! Sorry for the long wait but I’ve finally managed to slice off a few hours for myself. I’ve got two more in the works and I’ll be trying to keep up with my old release schedule soon. You’re the best! Thanks for sticking around!


Toot published on 10 Comments on Toot

Teaser of the Final Patreon Goal Spinoff Comic!

Teaser of the Final Patreon Goal Spinoff Comic! published on No Comments on Teaser of the Final Patreon Goal Spinoff Comic!

Hey everyone, I thought it might be good to give you all a teaser of the spinoff I’m planning to make once I reach my final goal on Patreon. I’m not going to tell you toooo much about the story but I’m sure you all can guess a few details. It will be a continuous story line and will run side-by-side with Awkward Love. Be sure to visit the Awkward Love Patreon page here ( ) to become a patron and help us reach this goal! There’s also lots of great stuff our patrons get that nobody else does like Pinup drawings, desktops and a little blog with pictures of the real animals!

P.S. Don’t worry, Taffy will be a character. She’s just not done being re-designed yet
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Fur Pile

Fur Pile published on 1 Comment on Fur Pile

Sorry for the long wait!

Into the New Year

Into the New Year published on 4 Comments on Into the New Year

With the new year comes introspection and thoughts on mortality and the human condition. I know I know… Comics should be FUNNY. 😉

Liver Good!

Liver Good! published on No Comments on Liver Good!

Cat Drama

Cat Drama published on No Comments on Cat Drama

Welcome a new character to the fold, Cristina! She’s Alyssa’s bestie and a good friend of the boys. I figured it was about time we added another girl to the lineup, poor Alyssa has been a bit outnumbered!


Litter published on No Comments on Litter

The Lone Wanderer

The Lone Wanderer published on 4 Comments on The Lone Wanderer

Took me longer than I’d have liked to escape the gravity of work and other work to get back to making these but thanks to everyone who stuck with me! The subject of the strip miiiiight tell you another reason i wasn’t exactly focused these last two weeks…

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