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The Bird

The Bird published on 4 Comments on The Bird

Had an emotional morning today…

Our first T-Shirt is officially here!

Our first T-Shirt is officially here! published on No Comments on Our first T-Shirt is officially here!

mad-maxHey there, everybody! I’ve finally published the first official t-shirt for Awkward Love! I will be making more, some basic shirts with the logo and some characters but since this strip really launched this webcomic, I went with “Traffic” as my first design. Head on over here and take a look! Awkward Love’s Tee Public Page and our First Shirt!

Comic Con, here we come!

Comic Con, here we come! published on 2 Comments on Comic Con, here we come!

Well I’ve been a little distracted this last week as I’ve been focusing on getting some things ready for New York Comic Con. One of the things I’ve been doing is designing a little post card to hand out and this is the comic I made for the front of it! Feel free to let me know if you think this works or not, and if you’re reading this after getting one of these at Comic Con, thanks a ton for stopping by!!

Tickle Attack

Tickle Attack published on 5 Comments on Tickle Attack

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